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Genota only. Update to a later build.

Affects Genota 3.2 only. This issue is caused by assigning the root (C:) directory as the data path. Select SYSTEM > RESET DATA PATH and create a new folder from the Set Notebook Path dialog rather than selecting C:

Please ensure that the following conditions exist: 

  • Ensure that the data folder for Genota 4 is different to that used by Genota 3. If unsure, use the reset data path menu option in Genota 4 to create a new data file location.

  • Make sure that you not have not created any Notebooks in Genota 4 with the same name as those in Genota 3. If so, rename them before you try the conversion menu option.

  • If after choosing the conversion menu option only some of the Notebooks transferred it may have been that the problem notebook/s have been created as new Notebooks in Genota 4 with the same names as the Notebooks in Genota 3. If so, rename the problem Notebooks in Genota 4 and select the conversion option again.

Genota 4 will run on all versions of Windows from Windows XP through to Windows 8.1, and Genota 3 will run on Windows 98 as well.

On Vista and later it is recommended that Genota 4 and Genota Forms 2.x not be installed in the Program Files folder but the Public or C: folder due to restrictions imposed by these 2 operating systems which prohibit the applications from writing necessary configuration information to the Program Files folder.

Genota 5.x and Genota Forms 2.x and above operates on all versions of Windows later than Microsoft Vista.

Genota only. Upgrade to a more recent build.

To move Notebooks from Genota 3.x to Genota 4 it is essential that the Genota 3.x data has not been relocated from its initial location. If so, the data path must be either re-established in Genota 3.x using the Set Data Path option. Once complete launch Genota 4.x and select TOOLS | CONVERT FROM GENOTA 3 from the main menu.

Genota installation fails and displays a dialog, displaying the message: Memory leak size 336, count 13, Unable to uninstall one or more directories, unable to uninstall one or more files. Try and do this manually.

This only occurs when trying to update from the Internet under builds and Should this dialog display when updating to a newer build, cancel from the dialog and continue with the new installation, or download the evaluation version. If the latter option is taken ensure that Genota is not running when you install the newer version. You can safely install the newer version over your existing version without impact on your data files.

The buttons displayed on the Exit dialog in build operate in the reverse. Select NO to exit Genota.

When updating either Genota or Genota Forms via the CHECK FOR UPDATES option, the installation appears to hang. Should this occur press the CTRL+TAB keys to switch screens as Vista tends to open a dialog behind the Genota/Genota Forms screen waiting for permission to continue.

Persons using Norton Antivirus may receive an alert that Genota is infected by the Bloodhound.Overpacked virus, which then quarantines Genota. This is a false positive generated by Norton Antivirus and not a virus but a consequence of Norton Antivirus being unable to ascertain the compression used at Ausgen to reduced the size of executable files.

This issue applies only to Genota build and earlier, and Genota Forms and earlier. Anyone affected by this should download the most current version.